Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make It Or Break It Season 1 Chapter 2

Three episodes of MIOBI had pass and it keeps getting better and better. As of the moment, its on its 14th episode. Nationals are over and Kaylie is already the national champion; Payson has to go to high school while Emily still has to know the benefits and misfits of being part of the national team. And there's Lauren, still the bitch but also still the best friend. I love how the story is so different from other teenage dramas made in the US because The Rock doesn't have the cliches of cliques and queen bees. Well, except now that Payson has to go to a high school, but still the main point of the show is still gymnastics. I think that's the reason why I really got hooked with this show. Its different and it shows me another kind of life, a life of an athlete in the career of gymnastics.

As the show progresses, I have my own people to love and hate and pairs to hope for and relationships that I really don't want to happen. And they are as follows:

-Kaylie and Nicky: a major no no! Yeah they look good together and their story is the cat-dog style that I like, but it didn't overpower my want for Nicky to be with Payson. At the end of Chapter 1 and during the start of the second chapter, I saw the potential there. And we're talking about Payson Keeler here! She's the naive to the real world yet the ambitious girl who would never think of ever having a boyfriend. But I think that the writers are going to push Kalicky... I guess I just have to deal with that.

-Razr, Emily and Damon: actually I'm torn. hahaha! At first I wanted Razr and Emily but since Razr left, Damon was there. During the time that Emily and Damon have been developing with each other, there is this part of me that wants Razr back because I'm also a sucker for first love pairings. I have this tendency to love a pair that was each others first. But when Razr came back and Emily and Damon were all over each other already, I was torn because believe it or not, I fell in love with Emily and Damon being together. Ugh. I hate this torn thing. So whoever Emily chooses I'm going to be happy for her.

-Lauren and Carter: i want them together. Actually from the start, I wanted Lauren for Carter. Kaylie's too cute and childish for Carter. And I think the story is leaning on them now. I saw Carter smiling at Lauren's routine during the Openhouse and that just indicated that he is warming up to her. And besides he is able to talk to Lauren regarding his crisis with financial and family wise which he can't or i think didn't ever did with Kaylie since all they did was sneak out and make out. And all that Kaylie did was vent out her problems on Carter which Lauren never did because she loves Carter that much. So I'm really hoping for a Carter and Lauren pairing soon. What worries me is Lauren and Kaylie's friendship. Even though Lauren's a bitch and Kaylie's her total opposite since she's the cute and sweet little gymnast, I still admire that they are friends and best of friends for that matter. So I would really be sad if their road to reconciliation will be destroyed and their friendship will totally end. For sure the girls, Payson and Emily, would side Kaylie which is also a bummer. Lauren's great and sweet at times too, why does she always end up second to Kaylie?

-Summer and Sasha: A big yayy! And a big no way at the same time. Yayy, since there has been some heat between them for the past episodes, well since Summer replaced Kim. And its a good heat, a lovely heat hahaha! And they look good together too and I think they are a great team for the The Rock. They would be like the power couple who runs the gym. The big no way is because of Lauren. Hahaha! I'm a big Lauren Fan. It's just Summer and Lauren already formed this mother-daughter bond, well its Lauren's fault that her dad and Summ broke up, but still that bond may be broken if Summer chooses to be with Sasha instead of Lauren's dad.

-Steve Tanner and Chloe Kmetko: What the hell?! Not really a great pair for me. I really would like them to not be together, just imagine Lauren and Emily being stepsisters! That would be a disaster. But I think, they are going to use this as part of future story arcs. If my instincts are right and they'll push through with this Steve-Chloe tandem, Emily and Lauren will have to act like sisters or in the future would be like real life sisters. That would be a rollercoaster! hahaha! And if the sister relationship between Emily and Lauren proceed, its going to be Em and Lau against Kay and Pay. hahaha! Atleast now Lauren's not going to be alone when she and Kaylie gets to end their friendship. (hahaha! what am I thinking?! LOL! Me and my thoughts!)

-Payson and Ike: Iiikeee! Eww! hahaha... I love Payson but her pathetic excuse for a friend is really getting on my nerves. The first time I saw him, he's going to be a threat to Payson and Nicky and it makes me boil! Urgh! And now he's freaking making Payson do the drugs and whatever loner emo kids do which is so not Payson. And even breaking the rules! Pay, wake up! Nicky, rescue your lady love please! hahaha... I'm a really big Nicky-Payson fan as of now and I'm going to hope until the end of this show for them to be together. Hahaha! I Promise!

-Kelly Parker: I love Nicole. I hate Kelly. hahaha!

-Marty: the hell with the National Gymnastics Team Committee! Sasha deserves the position. But I'm still looking forward for the girls to show Marty that Sasha is the best coach there is because even if they are done making Marty leave the team, I can still feel that they are going to turn to Sasha no matter what. I hope so! hahaha!

Ah! I'm hooked and I can't wait for the Valentine's episode! Sasha and Summer kissing. Who's going to the dance and with who? Emily and Damon not on speaking terms. Hahaha! Yeah I'm still hoping for a Razr moment. Actually I'm also hoping for Kaylie's big brother to come back. And say that... WAY TO GO EMILY! hahaha! Payson should wake up and get her dream back, gymnastics or not, she should be able to realize her goals and hopefully soon. I want a National Team practice too because of a 'In your face Kelly and nice to see you again Nicole' moment for me! hahaha! And more gymnastic routines.

Ah can't wait for Feb 1, 2010 in the US to come! hahaha! MIOBI rocks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stars Falling From The Sky Ep 2-3

I'm soo loving this series! I can't help but laugh, cry and feel sorry for everyone in it. hahaha! Its a roller coaster ride. Another hit for SBS! I love Pal Kang and her love for her siblings. Even though she's a big air head, she still has a heart and she's willing to change for her siblings and that is so heartwarming. At the same time I can't help but still laugh at her antics and stupidity. There are still no interactions between her and Kang Ha but I hope in the future their relationship will evolve hahaha! But I can feel that Joon Ha is starting to fall for Pal Kang... NO! hahaha!

Another aspect are the kids. They are so adorable and cute and at the same time, its so sad and heartbreaking to see them in such a cruel state. I was crying when Cho Rok went out of the house to save he oppa from getting caught, she was so cold and she didn't even tell her unnie that she went out of the house and she was crying and asking the heavens for them to have a house soon. It was so sad. I can't help but cry in that scene. But at the bright side, they are still so happy to watch especially when they get to make Tae gyu crazy.

Speaking of Tae Gyu. I feel sorry for him too. He's like the escape goat of Pal Kang. Well, I can't blame Pal Kang, Tae Gyu has been hard on her since she step foot inside the house but still having your uncle water you for hours and getting a cold after is so sad. I feel sorry for him but my heart still goes out to the children. So, Pal Kang, AJA! Do everything in your power to keep your siblings safe and unseen!

(my review for the episodes 2-3)

One Tree Hill S07E13 Weeks Go By Like Days

This is my favorite moment in the returning episode of One Tree Hill after their winter hiatus! hahaha! Clay ♥ Quinn! They are a perfect pair for me. I hope that they won't get a rocky start just because of David and Taylor.

I totally love the 13th episode of season 7! Even though it was a bad episode for Julian and Brooke at least it was great for my favorite Clay-Quinn and Haley-Nathan! And Jamie! hahaha! ♥ I soo envy that kid Jamie. He has like the best childhood ever! So this blog is going to be chopped per pair (my comments i mean). So here goes my episode 13 comment/s:

They really didn't have any story as a pair at the moment but individually, I can see they have stories to tell. As Haley ends her tour, it's going to be a start for her family's story arc, I think, as we see Taylor and David arriving in Tree Hill and living with her and Quinn (which I think is going to be a total disaster!). She has to deal with Taylor and as the sister with the most succesful marriage and family life, I think she's going to have this tendency to be the 'mediator' over Quinn and Taylor or be the bitch in Taylor's stay in Tree Hill, with their history and all. Nathan on the other hand has some making up to do on his relationship with Clay. I like that he still has this brotherly instincts on Clay and he made the first move and told Clay not to be awkward with him and still be his friend, not just an agent. I really like their friendship and I hope that they could repair it like how he was able to repair his with Lucas. With Nate, I am excited to see how he's going to do on his second season in the NBA. I hope he does well! And as for the pair part, they still have this spark that no one in the whole history of seriesville could ever replace! They only have little time together but still in every scene that they share, they can still make my heart flutter even though they are just conversing. They even have a child! hahaha! Jamie:
I love that Mark has been making story arcs for Jamie and they are amazing. And his friends are adorable! I so love Madison. hahaha! I hope in the future, when Jamie takes over the show (im assuming for more seasons!), he and Madison would be like Nathan and Haley! hahaha! LOL much!

I feel so bad for the both of them. First for Brooke. She has been broken for so long. Because of Peyton and Lucas. Her mom. The baby. Now she can't trust Julian because there's Alex. It's like she has this tip of a thread that is for Julian to hold but because of Alex, she can't help but make Julian release that thread because she can't have children while Alex can and she knows that the skank has eyes on Julian and Julian wants to freaking save her! So Brooke's issue is trust. Julian on the other hand has been trying so hard to mend her but isn't successful since Brooke herself is not helping herself. I can get why Julian is ready to let go of Brooke because he is not superman and he also gets tired. I really don't hate Alex because she has been trying to be strong and determined to change which is what is lacking with Brooke at the moment. That is why Julian has been happy with her and believes in her because she believes in herself. I know Brooke's strong but at this point, I think, Julian is right, they have to help themselves first before helping each other. I just hate the fact that she turned to Alexander for help. Oh well, I hope its not Chase number 2!
The parallel thing with season 4, I can see here is that Brooke was the one who let go of Lucas and turned to Chase and pushed Lucas to Peyton, since she know that Lucas is Peyton's savior, leaving her all alone. Now its happening again. Julian is Lucas. Alexander is Chase. Alex is Peyton. But the good part is that Julian and Alex are not Lucas and Peyton. Julian is loyal to Brooke and Alex is not her bestfriend who stole her boyfriend away because in the first place, Julian has never been and will never be Alex's. =D

What a total freaking reverse of roles! hahaha! I loved Alex in her scenes with Millie. At first I kinda doubted her especially when she called Makena about a party and when she showed up unglamorous, that's when I figured out that she was after Millie and I love her for that. She didn't give up on her friend. Awh! She's so good. I'm loving Alex again and again. hahaha! But still Brooke is still my favorite character. hahaha! I'm also happy for Millie and her new job (Hope she doesn't screw that up now), Mouth coming back and I hope she and Brooke patch things up.

Yayy! a BALEY moment! They are the real BFFs for me. (sorry, I really hate Peyton since I'm a big Brucas fan) I love their interactions and how they understand each other. Well, even though Peyton is my hatest character, I still miss her. Tree Hill has never been the same without Lucas and Peyton. I grew up with this series so you can't really take it away from me to not miss Lucas and Peyton. So there is a very happy feeling in me whenever I hear them being mentioned. It feels like they are just taking a break and in the future episodes they're going to be back. Anyway, after that long intro, my point is, in this entire episode Haley's line is my favorite... "Brooke, I know trust has always been hard for you, but Alex isn't Peyton and Julian is not Lucas..." awh. See? There is a very similar plot here! hahaha!

Last but not the least... my second favorite pair in OTH! hahaha! ever since they both started, I feel that they have the hots for each other and I love that Mark made a way for them to work out. Ah! They are soo sweet. What is up with me and hating blonde chicks (ehem PEYTON) paired with the OTH main guys... well, except for Jake... I'm a sucker for Jeyton. Anyway, going back to quinny and clay... They have this fairytale romance and I hope that it won't be crushed soon because of David and Taylor. I hope it would be stronger now that Quinn can finally move on from David since her ex is with her sister now. I'm excited with how Mark will move their characters and how they will grow in this series. Ah! I'm so excited. They are both very lovable characters and Shantel and Rob are great in playing them. Hahaha! I can't say anything mean about them or negative because I so love them! hahaha! I'm looking forward for their insane love! hahaha! I hope it won't go overboard-nanny carrie-psycho derek like! LOL!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stars Falling From The Sky Episode 1

Brief Description (c/o Dramawiki):
The drama draws a love story between two co-workers at an insurance company, with Kim Ji Hoon playing the company’s whip-smart lawyer. Because he carries the hurt of having been abandoned by his birth mother, he doesn’t easily open his heart to others. The female lead is a 25-year-old employee of the company who becomes responsible for her five younger adopted siblings after her parents meet with sudden deaths.


Another Korean comedy drama to watch out for! hahaha! Episode 1 was crazy. Not really hilarious as Yamato Nadeshiko but CRAZY. Pal Kang, the lead, is such a crazy person. I can't help but laugh at her stupidity and selfishness. She's all out in impressing Kang Ha, a very selfish and rude lawyer for the insurance company that Pal Kang is working for. At the start, I was kind of... awh, it's okay for her to be this crazy since it's really a cliche but when the story progressed she's even ditching her family just to make herself feel beautiful and comfortable. It's just plain stupid and selfish. But I think it was a necessary step so that the story will be able to show how great her change was when her parents died. Personally, I can see Kim Jung Eun in Choi Jung Won. They even have angles where in they look alike. The first episode wasn't THE BOMB but I still want to watch it since I'm so addicted to all that cat-dog relationships between the lead characters even though I still have this fetish for the good guys. And Pal Kang's change might make me like this drama even more since its going to be more family centered and such.

The story itself is so twisted. I can't help but laugh at how Pal Kang became the granddaughter of the old man. What a fate! I just hope it turns out well. And the old man's daughter-in-law is giving the creeps. It's like she's an evil stepmother type. hahaha!

I also love seeing Jandi's (Boys Over Flowers) little brother! hahaha! It looks like Ji Bin has grown taller. Way to go little boy! hahaha! But he's so not little anymore. He's like the head of the house in this series since his big sister is such a crazy woman. hahaha! But still, I can feel that Pal Kang has a deep loving heart. I'll be looking forward to all her heart warming things to do for the kids and even for Kang Ha. ♥

Fighting Pal Kang! Aja!

Shining Inheritance Episode 1

I just finished watching the first episode of Shining Inheritance! yayy! I'm definitely going to finish this series. After Spring Waltz, I haven't really watched as much melodramatic korean series since it really aches my heart to watch them. But because of the reviews for SI, I came to conclude that this series is worth watching and worth crying over to. hahaha! I hope it is!

The first episode wasn't that awesome or what but I can see the substance of the story and I can feel like I am going to be amazed at how the broken pieces, like her father's fake death, Eun Sung and Hwan's twisted relationship, Eun Sung's stepmother and her materialistic evilness, will be put back together as the story progress. The actors were also able to relay to me their story. This is the first time I saw Lee Seung Ki in a role since the first time I saw him was in the variety show Strong Heart. I think it was easy for him to play the quiet and private side of Hwan but hard for the rebellious part since in Strong Heart, I saw him as this shy and good mannered type of guy. I hope he surprises me on how he's going to be the rebel in the story.

Hyo Joo is a great crier actress. She can easily cry and make her audience cry with her as well. It is rare for actresses to cry and still register a lovely face on screen. And she is able to do that with flying colors. In Spring Waltz, I think there was never an episode where she didn't cry so seeing her crying in SI is not really new but it just amazed me that she has improved a lot in crying and even on her funny and angry scenes, she was able to deliver them well.

All in all, I'm excited on how this story will unfold. I really don't want to know its ending so I really am avoiding reading its spoilers. Hahaha! I hope Eun Sung and Hwan get their fairytale ending since I can see that the story is patterned to Cinderella; with all the evil stepmom and stepsister. (LoL!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 1

Brief Description:
Blessed with good looks, Takano Kyohei, a college student, is always suffering from the unreasonable behavior of customers who want him and the sexual harassment of his store manager. Because of his hot temper, he loses his head on this occasion and is fired from his part-time job. Then one day, the glamorous owner, Ms. Nakahara proposes, “I’ll give you free board-and-lodging if you can turn my niece, Sunako, into a lady!” Kyohei and Toyama Yukinojo, Oda Takenaga and Morii Ranmaru, the other guys living together in the same boarding house, are enthusiastic, but the person who appears before the four of them is a spooky girl whose hair covers her face and who loves horror and vampires. And so, their tumultuous communal life begins... -Jdrama Weblog

One of my long awaited Live Action Series to watch! I really haven't watched the anime in full but when I was in Davao during the Christmas break, this was one of the anime series that kept me in front of the TV. When I found out in mysoju that Yamato Nadeshiko has live action and its first episode is already available, I immediately started watching it. Well, its still the first episode and as I'm writing now, I know that episode 2 is currently being shown in Japan now. Since its being shown in TBS, Fridays 10:00pm (Well, Japan and Philippines has almost the same timeline =D) .

I really love the plot of this series and I can feel that TBS has another big hit. The actors were able to deliver their characters well. I am starting to have a crush on Hiroki Uchi, playing Takenaga. He's so cute! Well, no offense to the guy playing Kyohei, but in terms of looks I think Hiroki is fit for the role since he's the most handsome of the four guys. Oh well, I still love Kyohei's role even if its not Hiroki. Hahaha!

The first episode really made me laugh out loud. Thanks to Sunako! hahaha! The child playing Takeru is so cute! I would want to keep him for myself! hahaha! If Sunako wants skeletons in her closet, I would really want Takeru in mine hahaha! I love the kid, he's so cute and witty! I'm going to look forward for more of his anti-Kyohei antics hahaha!

Well, Takeru's mom is one heck of a great actress, from crying because of her husband's death to being Sunako's crazy aunt, I can't help but salute her for a job well done. Okay, I'm praising everything about this series! hahaha! The other two beautiful guys are also great but I really find the guy playing Ranmaru, gay-ish! hahaha! But I think that's just how Japanese portray the cassanovas of their country, I just have this notion that cassanovas are less feminine. But I love how he was able to transform Sunako to a lady and tried to kiss her. That was a laugh out loud moment for me.

Yokinojo is also cute. But he looks best as a girl! I love his face and outfit at the bar when the boys except Kyohei acted as girls.

The downside that I noticed was that, it was so fast paced and it felt like they put a thousand story arcs in one episode. But it was still hilarious. I love the episode and will totally watch it up to the end. I'll also be keeping eye on more Kyohei and Sunako scenes! hahaha!♥

The best scenes for me in episode 1 are:
- Sunako's arrival: it was freaking hilarious! I can't forget everyone's expression when she appeared in front of the glass door. And when the lights went out, it kind of signaled her arrival and that really excite me because it just shows how they value Sunako's supposed to be 'ugliness'.

-Sunako's bedroom: i like the way they designed or arranged the room. It showed how Sunako really love scary stuff. Her bestfriends (the mannequins) really resembled the ones in the anime which is a plus for me. And the coffin, i love love love it! hahaha! It gave Yokinojo the goosebumps!

-Sunako and Kyohei Scenes: I'm a sucker for love stories and their scenes definitely gave me the chills, sweet chills. hahaha! Infairness, they have chemistry. I love the scene when Sunako thanked Kyohei and Kyohei in turn gave her the box of koala cookies.

All in all, I LOVE THIS AND WILL CONTINUE TO WATCH THIS! I can't wait for the future episode! Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ROCKS!♥

Reminiscing You're Beautiful

I just finished the Korean Series You're Beautiful, starring Park Shin Ye and Jang Geun Suk, last weekend. OMG! Aside from Boys Over Flowers, it must be the best series of 2009! The plot was light and funny but also has power and substance at the same time. It may be a little overboard on the reality part since I really don't think someone can pull of a disguise like Go Mi Nam that long but all in all, I still can truly say, it's one of my favorite series to date now.

It's a musical at the same time. AN Jell, the series' fictional band, composed of Shin Ye, Geun Suk, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa, gave beautiful music to my ears. I love musicals. Period. The soundtrack still give me chills each time I hear their songs since I get to reminisce my favorite Tae Kyung and Mi Nam scenes and even wonder if Shin Woo Oppa was given the chance to show his love, would they have ended up together? Gah! I'm such a sucker for the good guys.

Pig rabbit. Stars. Tea. Pogs. Jolie. These are going to be the words that will stay with me forever and make me remember the good times that YB brought me. The dark will always remind me of Hwang Tae Kyung's night blindness. The magical bus will let me hear Jeremy's sad song over and over again. And teas are going to bring a smile to my face as I get to imagine Shinwoo-oppa offering it to me. Awh. If given the time, I will watch this over and over again. It's just so sad it ended at 16 episodes.

It was a bittersweet ending for me. Bitter for Shinwoo's broken heart but sweet for Tae Kyung and Min Yu's happy ending. I couldn't ask for more actually. It ended well. Oh what the heck! I wanted a wedding scene! I wanted to see this:

It would have been nice to see them at their wedding after Min Yu's travel to Africa. And see He Yi's dismayed face! ha! (UEE was a great villain! I love her and hate her at the same time! hahaha!)

I love the concert scene even though only Tae Kyung get to sing. It reminded me of Jang Geun Suk's Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do Movie. I would have loved it more if Shinwoo and Jeremy and the real Go Mi Nam get to perform! =) I was also hoping for a brother-sister bonding. I thought they would have atleast faked a Minam-Minyu convo or what just to show their sibling love but... oh well. What's done is done. Let's just hope that Manager Ma and Coordinator get to have lots of babies and Jeremy and Shinwoo get their own girls hahaha!

I would love an AN Jell reunion! That's why seeing their SBS Drama Awards performance over and over again gives me goosebumps over and over again too. AN Jell Hwaiting! Awh. I'll rerun this series for sure in the future and for sure I'll get to feel the same way about it as I have now.


TV Series Addict

Another season, another set of series to love and hate. American Series are resuming and premiering. Korean Series start as well as Japanese, Chinese and the Mainland. But I will also not forget the new breed of series that my own country are bring my boob-tube, the Philippines. But the past year has also brought me teasers of some shows that I think are worth watching, so, unveiling my top list of series to watch (resuming, past year series and the premiering series):

-Shining Inheritance (Korean)
-IRIS (Korean)
-Yamato Nadeshiko (Japanese)
-Rubi (Filipino)
-One Tree Hill Season 7 (American)
-Make It Or Break It (American)
-Secret Life of the American Teenager (American)
-Greek (American)
-Survivor 4: Marquesas (American, yeah its very long time ago but I'm having a rerun of past survivor series)
-Survivor 20: Heroes Vs Villains (American)
-The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (Korean)
-Will It Snow For Christmas? (Korean)

and a lot more.

I really don't know how to balance my SERIES life and studies but I feel like I can't get off my eyes off of these shows and as my blog goes on, I'm going to comment all I want on all these shows that I am watching and going to watch.