Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spring Awakening: Ilse & Moritz

Here goes my FAVORITE scene in Spring Awakening The Musical... This was John Gallagher Jr. and Lauren Pritchard's version of Moritz and Ilse

[Don't Do Sadness]

Ilse: Moritz Stiefel?
Moritz: Ilse? You frigthened me
I: Did you lose something?
M: Why did you frighten me? Damn it.
I: What are you looking for?
M: If only I knew
I: What's the use of looking? I'm on my way home. Want to come?
M: I don't know. Where have you been keeping yourself?
I: Priapia, the artist's colony
M: Yes
I: All those old buggers, Moritz, are so wild, so bohemian. All they wanna to do is dress me up and paint me. That Johann Ferendorf, he is a wicked one, actually. Always knocking easels down and chasing me, dabbing me with his paintbrush. But then again that's men if they can't stick you with one thing they'll try another. Oh god Moritz, the other day we all got so drunk, I passed out in the snow. I just laid there unconsious all night! You know, I spent an entire week with Nohl, inhaling that ether of his then this morning he woke me, with a gun! set against my breast. One twitch he said and it's the end, really gave me the shivers, i tell you. But how about you Moritz? Still in school?
M: Well this semester, I'm through.
I: God, you remember how we used to run back to my house and play pirates? Wendla Bergmen, Melchior Gabor, you, and I?

[Blue Wind]

M: Actually, I better go
I: Walk as far as my house with me
M: and?
I: We’ll dig up those old tomahawks and play together, Moritz, just like we used to
M: We did have some remarkable times. Hiding in our wigwam
I: Yes. I'll brush your hair, curl it, set you on my little hobby horse
M: I wish I could.
I: Now, why don't you?
M: 80 lines of Virgil, 16 equations, a paper on the Hapsburgs.

[Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind Mash-Up]

M: Good night Ilse.
I: Good night?
M: Virgil… the equations… remember?
I: Just for an hour.
M: I can’t.
I: Walk me at least.
M: Honestly, I wish I could.
I: You know, by the time you finally wake up, I’ll be lying on some trash heap.

[Ilse Leaves]

M: For the love of God, all I had to do was say yes! ILSE? ILSE! So, what will I say? I’ll tell them all… the angels, I got drunk in the snow, and sang, and played pirates. Yes, I’ll tell them. I’m ready now. I’ll be an angel. Ten minutes ago you could see the entire horizon. Now, only sparks, see? shooting stars… So dark… so dark… so dark.


I'm such a sucker for this part... I can watch this and listen to this over and over again. That mash up is really the best! :) This was the part that made me love the character of Ilse and want to kill Moritz myself... hahaha! I like how Ilse is so free spirited and wild at the same time, well not as smart as Melchior (with all that Nohl thing) but also not as naive as Wendla. And Lauren Pitchard killed that Blue Wind song. hahaha!

On the other hand... here's stupid Moritz! Now he just proved us all that he really is stupid... giving up and taking his own life... How stupid can he really get? (I used a lot of STUPID in there didn't I?). Good thing John Gallagher Jr. is a good singer and he nailed the song as well. LOL.

All in all... I just love SA... It is my dream to watch Lea and John and Jonathan and Lauren and the rest of the cast on stage and LIVE with this piece... Sater and Sheik really made a big time, awesome and a true Tony worth rock musical. They really deserve all those Tonys! Ah! Love love love SA...!

PS. I really can't watch Hanschen doing that 'thing' though... hahaha! Him doing Ernst was more tolerable :)

PSS. Thank you Frank Wedekind! LOL.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Avalon High (Movie - 2010)

Screw Plot Alteration!

I really loved the book which maybe why I am kinda disappointed with the movie. I loved everything about how Meg wrote it. I love how Will was King Arthur and how Allie was his Lady of the Lake. (It was really romantic! yeah yeah yeah... me and my crazy romance antics...) The relationship between Will and Lance and Jen weren't really shown that much in the movie. I don't think that I am biasing on this part since i think it's true! Lance is Will's bestfriend yet they only had a couple of scenes together... is that really your bestfriend Will? I mean... Lance and Jen were a big part of the story yet they seemed like extras in the movie! WTH!

I was also looking forward on seeing Allie floating all the time... and yet knowing that she is King Arthur (which is kinda stupid... still can't believe that they made that twist!), those floating parts were thrown out into the ocean since she is not the Lady of the Lake! AHHH! It's frustrating... I really think Allie floating all the time and her mom always onto her about it is kinda more interesting than knowing that Arthur can be reincarnated as a girl... (screw feminism! I am a female and yet I think it's stupid!)

AND! I think the yacht scene is much more FUN than having Marco be all goody-goody and a part of the Order of the Bear...

Anyway... I do am having so-so feelings with Miles... I kinda think having those psychic powers were cool. Allie having a friend was what the book missed out or not... she was friends with Will... and speaking of being friends with Will... I also want the part where Will barged into her house and stand on the boulder where a spider was on and just looking at Allie floating! See! The floating parts were awesome! hahaha. Yeah... I love the floating parts... because of Allie's floater, I want a floater as well. AHH!

AHH! (again.) Frustrating... but what the heck! I am not disney or the director or the writer... but still I AM FRUSTRATED WITH IT and I'm giving it a 1.5/5 well maybe 2/5... i love the final battle effects hahaha!