Sunday, February 28, 2010

Movies Update!

Well, for the past week, I've had my share of movie marathons. Hahaha! And here are the movies that I've watched:

1.) Zombieland - a gross movie! hahaha! but it was funny and witty. I adore the characters and most especially got grossed out with the zombies! hahaha... but it was fun imagining myself (after the movie) being in zombieland. hahaha! but i want to be with Witchita and Little Rock and those two guys! hahaha! Rating: 4.5/5.0

2.) Love Happens - not really made a mark on me but it was a light movie. A very feel-good one. But I love Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart in this movie... they have chemistry :) Rating: 3.0/5.0

3.) Management - I kinda find this a boring movie. :( I made many pauses while watching this. hahaha! And in between pauses, I was able to watch other movies without cuts hahaha! But as usual Jen was awesome... and Steve Zahn was... how do I put this... stalkerish? hahaha... If ever I am on Jen's place... I would be scared shit of him! hahaha! But I think that was what was required in the movie and if it is... he succeeded! :) Rating: 2.8/5.0

4.) Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - The movie that made me go hungry after! hahaha! I like the animation. It was polished. And the drawings of foods were cute. hahaha! I like the story too. Fit for an imaginative kid to watch :) 3.6/5.0

5.) Aliens in the Attic - cute movie. hahaha. I love Ashley. She's still my dear Sharpay but a little nicer. hahaha! And the kids were awesome as well. I love the story and those little aliens were so cute! :) Rating: 3.9/5.0

6.) Whip It! - I had fun watching this. When I found out that Drew Barrymore directed this, i kinda loved her more. hahaha! So I'm going to disagree with Grammer Spencer/Casey Cartwright(Greek) that Drew and directing don't go together. :p And Ellen Page was awesome! hahaha! I really love her pokerface. I also like the sport that they played. I would like to try it someday :) Rating: 4.1/5.0

7.) Fired Up! - the typical cheer flick... Could be the daughter of Bring it on series. hahaha! They even have a scene where the cheerleaders were watching Eliza Dushku and Kristen Dunst! hahaha! I was LOLed in that part. Obsessed cheerleaders! I was also amazed with the cameos of TV stars like Francia Raisa, Amber Stevens, Kayla Ewell and of course for the lead stars there's Daneel Harris and Annalyne Mccord! :) Rating: 4.0/5.0 (I just love cheer flicks! :p)

8.) Post Grad - oohh! the scariest movie in this list of movies I've watched recently. Hahahaha! Not because it's a suspense movie ('coz it's not!) but because I am scared for my own life after college. Alexis made me feel like I could never be successful in life. hahahaha! She's all perfect grades while I am not and she didn't get a job after college! What would that make me now? hahaha! But I've moved on (with this movie) and I'll just try my best to succeed in life :) The movie is kinda-real to life so it made a good impression on me despite making me scared for my future. Rating: 4.7/5.0

9.) Major Movie Star - A major blonde movie! If you hate dumb blondes... skip this one. But I love dumb blondes... hahaha so i liked it. The script wasn't that great and witty but the cast were still able to deliver their supposed to be roles. hahaha! I adore Olesya Rulin in this movie. I kinda missed Kelsi and seeing her in her role in the movie kinda made me miss HSM less :) She's still the Kelsi I know... clumsy yet full of potential, , but her name isn't Kelsi anymore hahaha! :) Jessica was still the same... I think she was better in Employee of the Month. :) But I like her here as well... :) She made me respect dumb blonde movies more. hahaha! Rating: 3.2/5.0

10.) The Spy Next Door - Jackie Chan is one heck of a great stunt person. Because of this movie I kinda missed Spy Kids and Agent Cody Banks. kekeke! I love watching spy movies... it always make me wonder what a spy life would be like... :) The story was kinda cliche... kids + soon-to-be-stepfather + mom who chooses kids over love + the action... but still it is worth the time :) And its funny and witty as well! Rating: 4.0/5.0

11.) UP - I had high expectations on this film. Unfortunately, like Enchanted, it didn't met my expectations. Maybe it's the fact that I am so amazed by the reviews about this film that when I finally watched it months after, my expectation is already so high that it wasn't able to reach such expectations. I enjoyed it, though. And I cried at the end. I think that just signified that even though I wasn't that thrilled by it, it still made a mark in my brain. That once I encounter 'scouting', Russell would come to my mind first. :) I also admire the love that Carl and Ellie had. Awh. Rating: 3.9/5.0

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kim Yuna: First Korean Figure Skater To Win An Olympic Gold!

My added addiction! Figure Skating! Yayy! All thanks to The Cutting Edge Series! hahaha.

Kim Yuna. South Korea. Newest Olympic Champion for Ladies' Singles Skating. She was a phenom! Her short program was perfect! She even beat her own record at the Worlds 2009 with a score of 78.50. Then she topped her Worlds final score with 228.56 points. Her long program was breathtaking. If you are new to figure skating, i mean watching such programs, you would think that each performance is the same, no difference, only the routine itself. But what made me say that Yuna was exceptional at my first time of watching figure skating is that once you watch her, her spirals and triples have this flowing effect, like it is effortless. Its beautiful to watch. And her triples are perfect, once she twists, its with the perfect form and its great to look at.

Yes. I adore this 1990-born girl (my birth year too!). Not only because she is a korean and I'm into korean stuff as of the moment, but because among all the reigning figure skating athletes now (eg. Mao Asada, Joannie Rochette), she is the best. :) She's the world's number 1!

Im so looking forward for her 2010 World Championships. Im sure she's gonna do wonders there as well. :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Stars Falling From The Sky Episode 13 & 14

My favorite EPISODES! yayy! And hatest as well!

Let's start with the bad ones so we could end with the best ones :) First off, who invented VILLAINS in dramas? They are such a pain in the ass! I oh-so hate that Jae Young! She's a pathetic little bitch. Can't she get that Kang Ha doesn't like her? She's the most stupid character in the entire world of characters! (See? Because of my hatred towards her, I come to a point now that I am creating stupid thoughts! Damn that girl!) She should die. I hope she does. Well, not the person but the character! She is so freaking evil! Rawr! I hate her. Even the mere sight of her makes me sick. Add her mother up and they are like a big freaking explosion of evilness set to sail to the fiery place called hell. (Yeah. I hate them so much. I am so affected! haha)

The younger uncle has already pissed me off as well. I really don't know what his deal is but he seems pretty pathetic to me as well. Giving away the love of his life and acting like he is happy for her that she's getting married to his own HYUNG?! Are you freaking kidding me Joon Ha? You're even using Pal Kang for your quest to 'the way to love a person who doesn't love you back is to not love her back'! Seems pretty coward to me. And because of him Kang Ha is suffering! Ugh. I hate such scenes where the protagonist gets all martyr! (But i still love Kang Ha! LOL)

Tae Gyu is starting to get on my nerves as well. He's not funny anymore. But I can still tolerate.

Now. Onto to the best part. Parang! He's the best kid ever! He's so cute and he's so sweet! I love his scenes with Kang Ha. They're like father-son to me. :) I hope they stay the same... but as what I saw in the preview... Kang Ha will start to isolate himself again. (Going back to cursing Jae Young! ARGH!)

I love the amusement park and supermarket scenes! They were like a one big happy family! hahaha! Kang Ha and Pal Kang had a moment there. I also love that girl in the hotdog stand. hahaha! She was nosey but her words were music to my ears :)

I love love love the part where Pal Kang caught Joon Ha and he's show. Ha! That was pretty amazing. But what scared me was Joon Ha falling totally for Pal Kang! That shouldn't happen. I'll kill that guy! Hmph!

Best parts... KANG HA and PAL KANG! obviously. I love every minute of them together. They are like wife and husband bickering. Hahaha! I also like the part when Kang Ha was beaten and Pal Kang and Parang were taking care of him. That was their best moment... the bickering! LOL. (In your face Joon Ha! Pal Kang will never shout at y0u! :p) I also love that part where Kang Ha hugged Pal Kang and said those sweet words about him not knowing what to do with her and his feelings for her (well the 'feelings for her' part i think was my imagination! hahaha!). I just love these two! I can't wait for them to finally be together or at least reveal their feelings for each other.

Now to end this... I'm going to sum everything in a sentence. I LOVE STARS FALLING FROM THE SKY :)

awh. 6 episodes left... i hope they get to extend... oh well... if not, I'm excited for the ending anyway! :)

RATING: a big fat 5.0/5.0

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Good Day For The Wind To Blow Episode 1-2

Eunnie! I have been looking forward to watching this because it stars one of my most favorite korean actress now :) So Eun! yayy! I would have loved it more if she was paired with Kim Bum, but oh well at least I get to see her on a show and Bummie on another show :)

The first 2 episodes were fun and light. I really didn't find it that great since it's my first time to watch a korean 'sitcom' or a mini series. Im much into full time/16-episode dramas. But we'll see maybe in the future, i'll get used to their kind of setting.

But So Eun is great as usual. She may have a poor/homeless role but she pulled it off. Its kind of new to me that she is that POOR because in BOF, she is poor but it doesn't look like it because she still dresses nicely and she looks rich despite working on a soup shop. Her acting is getting better and better. And I love her being feisty, it suits her. I like her chemistry with that guy who attempted to suicide but I think So Eun's character is destined for the guy's brother which I think is better since I like the suicidal guy to be with the boyish friend and So Eun with the successful brother :)

I still really don't know the other characters but the character who made a good first impression on me is the sister who is dating the rich kid that is a playboy. I love her! hahaha! I love that scene where she acted pregnant and her tummy moved, it was hilarious!

I'm looking forward for more of this show. :)

Starting with this blog, im going to start rating :) hahaha!


Survivor Season 20: Heroes Vs. Villains Episode 1&2

Every scene of the first episode made me LOVE this series more and more. First episodes are first impressions of shows. I see these first episodes as make or break. When first episodes are great, viewers will watch out for the next but if it is otherwise, it can be two things, 'since I looked forward for this series, i'm going to forgive the writer of the first episode and continue to watch' OR 'damn. I wasted my time waiting for this series to air, I'm never going to watch it!'. Well, as for Heroes vs Villains, it is great!

The new season have all of my most favorite season players like Russell, Steph, Rupert, JT and Boston Rob. (Sadly, Amber isn't around to take care of the baby but if she was, I think this season is going to be a blast! hahaha!) And on the first episode, they made it fascinating by having a shoulder dislocated and returned back (for Steph), a toe broken (for Rupert), a first day scheming (for Russell) and just by being there since I know they're going to make the season more interesting (for Rob and JT! hahaha!).

As for the others, Parvati, Cirie and Amanda intrigued me so I'm going to watch their previous season and how these three turned out to be a Hero or a Villain. It was also funny seeing Coach again, he and his craziness, but he seems lighter this time around, I think he's now playing the game (finally! hahaha!). But his thing for Jerri is quite annoying hahaha! Well, that's Coach!

The second episode was a long awaited for me since the editors decided to give me a heart-stopping preview, Boston Rob and the Medical Team. Damn. hahaha! Good thing he came to his senses because I will be really pissed off if he got out of the game because of medical reasons. I want Rob to finally win. hahaha! Yeah, I'm a big ROMBER fan! :)

So, like the first episode, the second episode made me enjoy the show and the game itself. They recreated a Tocantins game and for the second time, the Villains won the immunity challenge! In terms of the winning, I really don't know which team to side on since both of the teams have my favorites so whoever wins, I don't care just as long as my favorites are still alive. But sad to say, Steph is the second to go just because of shouting at the game. Oh well, it's the game. But she is the strongest among the girls! What were they thinking? And with that, I hated James not only because he started the fire to kick Steph out of the game but because of all that crap about Steph being the problem since she lost all of her team mates in her previous season. Well, it was strategy and I get it, it's just sad to see one of my favorites to go.

Now, I'm excited for Thursday since it's another HvV episode! :) Probst, this better be good. Hahaha!


Shucks... its been a long time since I updated :( Well... since I've watched many and updated my blog less... I'll just have simple comments on all of the shows/movies I've watched so far... hahaha!

1.) 500 Days of Summer - finally! I was able to watch this movie! I downloaded this from torrent last December and only watched it this February! hahaha! I love it. It was bittersweet and I kind of feel bad for Tom but I kinda see the point of the entire movie because of the ending. Its not a love story... as what the introduction said but it is a lesson for a future perfect love story. My favorite scene was definitely the ending, meeting Autumn. I am a sucker for happy endings.

2.) Stars Falling From The Sky (Episode 3-12) - this story is getting better and better everytime :) The kids are still adorable and FINALLY! The Lawyer is starting to fall for PalKang :) What I hate is the fact the the younger uncle is using PalKang just so he can secure Kang Ha for the girl that he loves. Over martyr-ness? What happened to the lovable uncle? He's so blinded with his love for Jae Young. Why don't he just simply pursue her and not give her away? Argh!

And im freaking excited on PalKang and KangHa's next endeavors. Now that Kang Ha wants Pal Kang and the kids to stay longer. Im freaking psyched! (but as of the moment. I am bummed since there would be no episodes this week because of the olympics! huhuhu. I can't wait on how Pal Kang reacts to the lawyer's proposal... ahhh!)

And I also want to stress that my most favorite scene was when lawyer won stayed up late and saw Pa Rang walking towards his bed and he opened his bed for him to sleep on. It was so heartwarming! Kang Ha is now letting his guard down so I just hope nothing will crush it soon. (Now I'm kind of regretting saying what I just said because of Jae Young and Kang Ha's mother. I might jinx it... hahaha!)

3.) One Tree Hill Season 7 (Episode 14-16) - Clay and Quinn! Yayy! They are so adorable. And I like the fact that Quinn is really over David and now David is ready to let go of Quinn!
I really love this series since I grew up with this series so it bums me that my favorite character all throughout those 7 years isn't still getting her happy ending (Brookie! Hold On! Your time will come... I can feel it!) and she's still suffering. I just hope that Julian won't stop saying 'I Miss You' to Brooke. :) And I'm loving Julian's Alex and hating Brooke's Alex. Hahaha! Julian's Alex is doing everything to bring Julian and Brooke together but Brooke's Alex is ruining it. I just hope the accented guy would stop and just move on to another girl.
Naley. Still the loveliest couple ever written! hahaha! I can't help but get mesmerized on how they got to where they are now. I just hope that Haley gets pregnant before her mother dies. I think that would really make her mother happy. The episode of Lydia telling her girls about her cancer was really a heart wrenching one. I just hope that Taylor returns to Tree Hill, get over her rebellious personality and help take care of her mother. I guess that's the least that she can do.
I am loving Miranda and Grubbs! hahaha! They are IN A RELATIONSHIP now! LOL!
Mouth is still a sweetheart. I just hope Millie gets to realize that before she loses the man who loved and still loves her for who ever she was and is being now. I am kind of sensing a connection between Mouth and Lauren but I just hope I'm wrong because I want Skills to return and Lauren and Skills are adorable together :)
Bitch-toria is no bitch anymore! Hahaha! I love that she is doing everything to be a mother to Brooke. I love her for that because Brooke is already too broken(with all the 'cant have baby thing') and a bitch-toria on her heels is too much.
Jamie. Still ADORABLE. Period. hahaha!
Chuck. I really don't know if he's a good kid or not. Jamie's friend or not. Hahaha! I'm confused with his personality. But ohwell. What the heck, it's Chuck! hahaha!

4.) Ghosts of Girlfriends Past - I love this movie! hahaha! Hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Romantic and family-oriented. If you want to watch a feel good movie... this is the movie to watch. Not really chick-flickish since it has a good script and has sense! hahaha! Jennifer Garner and Matthew McConaughey has good chemistry. (P.S. This made me cry!)

5.) First Time (Week 1) - A series in the Philippines starring Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio. I can't believe that these two kids can make my heart flutter. hahaha! They have good chemistry. Their acting aren't that great but I think in the near future, they can level to the natural and great actors and actresses of my generation like Heart Evangelista, Kaye Abad, Richard Gutierrez and John Lloyd Cruz :) The story is quite exaggerated for their age but I think they can get this series through and especially with the help of a great director Director Andoy Ranay.

6.) Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge (Episode 2-4) - Kyohei and Sunako!♥ Kyohei is starting to have mixed emotions for Sunako but he has to deny it since he doesn't want to simply fall in love and with a girl like Sunako (i think! hahaha!). I was really hoping that the reason he was having those sad emotions was because Sunako was getting married, but he has to say that it was that he missed Sunako's Japanese Cooking. Damn. He really has to crush my hopes on him falling for Sunako soon. hahaha! Oh well. Atleast there's going to be more Sunako-Kyohei fight scenes and make-up scenes hahaha!