Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kim Yuna: First Korean Figure Skater To Win An Olympic Gold!

My added addiction! Figure Skating! Yayy! All thanks to The Cutting Edge Series! hahaha.

Kim Yuna. South Korea. Newest Olympic Champion for Ladies' Singles Skating. She was a phenom! Her short program was perfect! She even beat her own record at the Worlds 2009 with a score of 78.50. Then she topped her Worlds final score with 228.56 points. Her long program was breathtaking. If you are new to figure skating, i mean watching such programs, you would think that each performance is the same, no difference, only the routine itself. But what made me say that Yuna was exceptional at my first time of watching figure skating is that once you watch her, her spirals and triples have this flowing effect, like it is effortless. Its beautiful to watch. And her triples are perfect, once she twists, its with the perfect form and its great to look at.

Yes. I adore this 1990-born girl (my birth year too!). Not only because she is a korean and I'm into korean stuff as of the moment, but because among all the reigning figure skating athletes now (eg. Mao Asada, Joannie Rochette), she is the best. :) She's the world's number 1!

Im so looking forward for her 2010 World Championships. Im sure she's gonna do wonders there as well. :)

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