Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Make it or Break it INSANITY! :)

i'll shout this to the entire world! im freaking out! I need the next episode for Make it or break it! Ah! the best season finale ever! For me, it topped OTH's season 5 finale (Lucas' Phonecall :p). I can't get over with what I just saw! CARTER CHOSE LAUREN! that is soo freaking great! ahhh! ahhh! ahhh! ahhh! (ahhh! x infinity) I love Kaylie but she's waaayyy too late! And I was freaking right! Carter was falling in love with Lau! ahhh! ahhh! ahhh! They are perfect for each other. Now, I really don't know what will happen to Kay and Lau's friendship but I don't care... CARTER CHOSE LAUREN! hahaha! yeah... i'll never get tired of saying that... they are like my favorite couple in this series! :p

And I soooo LOVE JOHNNY PACAR who plays DAMON! He's awesome and has a freaking great voice... i know I have been against him from the start but I am rooting for him and Em now. hihihi! And another freaking AHHH! Payson on bars! yayy! finally she's able to overcome her fear! I can't wait for her to steal Kaylie's title on the next championships! hahaha! She deserves her gold medal!

As for Kaylie... uhm. no comment. She blew her chances with Carter so she should suffer. But I hope she gets more endorsements and medals... that all she wants right?! ugh. I so hate her this episode but at the same time I like her hahaha... (yeah. im insane...) she's still the best... well next to Pay... LOL.

OMG. I freaking cried! hahaha! And I'm soo happy. I'm having mixed emotions for this. RAWR! hahaha! yeah. this is MIOBI InSaNiTy! :p

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