Saturday, May 15, 2010


after watching review (posted @ dramabeans' open thread):

i just finished watching PASTA… and it was… uhm.. fluffy. hahaha. if to describe it in one world… FLUFF… lol. fluff all the way… hahaha… its a light drama that wont go into the deeper conflicts that could have happen if it was not a romcom (like having President become the SILENT CACTUS KILLER who will fight for his three year hidden love for maknae… or have LITTLE MISS GINSENG PASTA DESTROYER become the villain that everyone would hate…) but comon who would hate such a lovely face that is very considerate and such a weakling-when-it-comes-to-chep even though she’s an arrogant little missy? hehe.

but all in all… i love it… i’ve always wanted a love story that is so loyal from start till end. though i was quite unsure of the ending… hahaha… i kind of wanted to know yoo kyung’s new stove position… LOL.


I love the Italian Team! hahaha. hot and cute guys! LOL.

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